Victorian Baptist Historical Society

The Victorian Baptist Historical Society was formed on 15 July 1982 and promotes interest in and research of the history of Baptists in Victoria. Regular meetings are held to discuss aspects of Baptist history in this state. Preservation of historical records from local churches and denominational programs and agencies is maintained. Many of these records are deposited at the archives of the Baptist Union of Victoria which is housed at the BUV Offices.

The Society publishes an annual journal Our Yesterdays which features papers presented to the Society. A quarterly Newsletter records matters of Baptist historical interest and includes book reviews. Membership ($25 per person or church and $40 per couple) is invited.

The current President is Rev Dr Marita Munro of Whitley College, Secretary is Ms Christine Dyer and the Treasurer is Dr John Sampson, to whom membership enquiries may be made at the BUV. John is also the Honorary Archivist of the BUV. Rev Dr Ken Manley is editor of Our Yesterdays and the Newsletter.

Dr John Sampson can be contacted via email:

Our Yesterdays Catalogue 1993-2013