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The Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV) is an association of more than 237 Baptist churches and Baptist agencies in Victoria. It is a non-profit organisation, with a vision to advance the Kingdom of God by empowering church leaders for mission.

All Constituent Member Churches of the Baptist Union of Victoria are entitled to appoint and send a certain number of Delegates to BUV Delegates Dinner (previously known as Assembly) to represent their church. Delegates Dinner is the place where members of the Baptist Union join together to pray and discern, discuss and share, vote and decide on business, governance and other matters integral to the life of the union of Baptist Churches in Victoria. Delegates elect members of the Union Council, which is the governing body of the Baptist Union of Victoria. The Union Council appoints a Director of Mission and Ministries who is responsible for the development and leadership of the vision and mission of the Baptist Denomination in Victoria. Union Council determines those matters of policy and operation on which the DoMM and Leadership Team are empowered to lead and decide on behalf of Victorian Baptists, and those matters requiring wider discernment and discussion by all churches and delegates.

BUV Office

Our BUV Office is staffed and structured to support and equip our mission of empowering leaders for mission.

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