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  • Communications Team

    The BUV Communications team exists to facilitate and build capacity for connectedness and communication among Victorian Baptists. The team at the BUV Office provides support and expertise in areas ranging from internal and external communications, media relations, social networking, online communications, web communications, public relations, graphic design and visual communications, event management, branding and identity, social issues and networking. Our aim is to add value to leaders and Baptist Churches through delivery of high quality communications vehicles, products, network facilitation and strategic advice.

    Meet the Team:
    Nikki Capp, Head of Communications and Events

    As Head of the Communications team for the Baptist Union of Victoria, Nikki brings a wealth of strategic and practical communications experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Her background is initially in teaching, after which she spent 15 years in various sales, marketing, communications & corporate affairs roles. Nikki worked at national and international levels in the areas of media relations, communications, issues management, community relations and corporate social responsibility. With a passion for global justice issues, outside the BUV, Nikki is on the Australian Working Group of Stop the Traffik, and heads up The Salvation Army’s Brothel Outreach Teams

    Melissa Rule, Events Manager

    As Events Manager Melissa's role is primarily to organise and facilitate major events for the BUV. The majority of this role focuses on the two Gathering events in May and October each year. After finishing her Bachelor of Business (Marketing), she worked in several marketing roles, including Marketing at Cadbury Schweppes. Melissa then started her own business in Marketing Consulting and worked for several Not for Profit organisations including World Vision Australia, Parks Victoria, Here for Life, largely on event based work. After having children, Melissa took on a role as Families Coordinator at Camberwell Baptist Church for two years, linking the playgroup and kindergarten families with the church. Melissa works part time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30am - 3pm.

    Mikyla Rhind

    Mikyla,s role is to provide seamless flow of information across internal and external stakeholders of the BUV, helping integrate and coordinate internal communications of the BUV office and ensure access to information, resources and support from the BUV Office to BUV Pastors, Leaders, associated organisations and other key stakeholders of the BUV.

    • The Communications Team provides advice and support with

      • Content and development of
      • Advice and connection for church website development & support
      • platform for resources, information and networking
      BUV Blog
      Information & Connections
      Creative Design
      • Promotional materials
      • Multimedia
      • BUV logo use guidelines & approval
      Media Relations
      • Advice and support for churches in dealing with media
      Issues management
      • Advice and support in issues and stakeholder relations
      • BUV Event Management
      • Event Management tools & advice
      • Advice on experts and resources
      • Connection with existing networks
      • Facilitation of new networks

    How Church and Specialist Ministry Leaders can contact and access BUV Communications Team expertise and support:

    Email us:
    Call us: (03) 9880 6155
    Connect via the BUV website:

    Complete and submit a:

    BUV Communications Team Project Request & Brief form (94.44 kB)

    BUV Online Registration Set up Request (33.83 kB)

    BUV Video Project Brief Form (36.69 kB)

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