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  • Mission Catalyst Team

    The aim of the BUV’s Mission Catalyst Team is to realign our churches for mission, and develop and communicate a vision for Christ-centred, Kingdom-oriented mission. There is a great need within our state for us to become more focused on the people around our churches, and for us to begin to focus on how we can reach them more effectively. Our intention is to help churches to follow the call of Christ to go out into the world and make disciples, and in doing so increase the Kingdom of God.

    • What can the Mission Catalyst Team offer my church?

      Our Core team: Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, David Chatelier, Darren Cronshaw and Brent Lyons-Lee and are all ordained Pastors, competent preachers and experienced church leaders. The team also comprises the State Director of Global Interaction and the State rep for Baptist World Aid, so we can also bring a global dimension to the church’s understanding of mission.

      • We can lead or resource Retreats and Day Conferences.
      • We can offer consultancy on specific projects or ideas in our specialist areas of Planting New Churches; contemporary Evangelism; Community Ministry and Advocacy, Church Revitalisation, and Missional Leadership, and highlight new resources and reading on Mission
      • We can provide training for Leadership teams
      • We can preach in church services, but to make the most of these opportunities we would also like to lead a short session after a church service on an aspect of Mission tailored to the church’s needs.
      Some of our current emphases include:

      1. A Theology of Mission as spiritual, inclusive and transformative - this can be developed to help foster missional understanding within the leadership or congregation as a workshop or as a sermon

      2. Better Together for Mission: Encouraging and facilitating churches to work together to achieve mission — we have run leaders meetings, clusters, and networks of churches

      3. More focused Workshops:

      • Thinking and acting missionally
      • Engaging with your local community ( & how to audit your neighbourhood)
      • Church planting (new churches) - why and how? - painting a vision of the need and offering many models and possibilities
      • Revitalisation models - how do we turn a church around or replant it?
      • Public engagement/advocacy
      • Reconciliation Action Plans (with indigenous people) for churches
      • Evangelism revisited
      • Missional spirituality

      4. We can offer regular reviews of current mission-focused literature and research, and practical ideas and resources on our website.

    For resources to help your church in mission see our Mission Resources pages

    Phone: (03) 9880 6114

    Meet the Team

    Rev Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, Head of Mission Catalyst Team

    Anne is the head of the Mission Catalyst team, - a new role aiming to develop ways to assist churches that have ‘got stuck’, or who wish to break the cycle of decline, and are willing to try anything! She works collaboratively with other members of the Mission Team – researching and experimenting with relevant models for renewal; replanting; partnering; area teams; release and much more. Anne has over 30 years ministry experience in a variety of settings, of which 10 years has been supporting churches and pastors in Victoria.

    Rev Brent Lyons-Lee, Catalyst for Community Engagement

    Brent is part of the Mission Catalyst team with responsibility for Community Engagement & Advocacy. He can help churches explore ways of connecting and bringing the church to the heart of the community. He's particularly interested in how we can engage at the margins of our society and advocate for justice. He has degrees in theology and social science and spent 10 years at Urban Seed (Collins Street and Norlane) connecting with people at the margins and the centre of our culture, attempting to draw those extremes together. He's interested in churches adopting a community development approach to ministry and adopting social enterprise initiatives to transform their communities.

    Rev Professor Darren Cronshaw, Catalyst for Mission Research

    Darren’s focus as a researcher is empowering leaders for mission by, 1- Researching opportunities and challenges of mission for Victorian Baptist churches, 2 - Resourcing Baptist leaders with missiological writing, relevant resources, practical ideas and inspiring stories, and 3 - Training for local mission in colleges, churches and seminars. It is a kind of a mission strategist, Research & Development, missional troublemaker, organisational ecologist, missiologist-in-residence role. Darren is a naturally curious bloke who loves asking questions and exploring innovative solutions. He has loved working with BUV since 2007, initially as Coordinator of Leadership Training and now “reimagined” as Mission Catalyst – Researcher. This draws on his experience in mission and pastoral leadership, his research and study at Whitley and elsewhere, and his passion for resourcing leaders and missionaries and local churches. His part-time BUV team role synergises well with his leadership Auburn Life Baptist Church and adjunct teaching at Whitley College and Australian College of Ministries.

    Darren can be contacted by phone on 0438136287 or by email at

    Rev Derek Bradshaw, Innovation Consultant

    Derek is part of the Missions Catalyst team with responsibility for innovation. He is passionate about the church discovering new and innovative ways of "being" the church within the communities that they find themselves in. His time working with Global Interaction inspired him to imagine a church that lived mission in new ways and places. He currently leads the Now and Not Yet missional community that connects and engages with peoples through a social enterprise cafe and creative space in Warrandyte.

    Derek can be contacted by email at

    Geoff and Sherry Maddock, Consultants

    Geoff and Sherry are part of the Catalyst Team with the responsibility of helping churches find the best ways to engage with their local communities. They are also responsible for overseeing Community Development grants. They come to the BUV after 18 years of community development experience in the United States specialising in refugee resettlement, urban farming initiatives, and neighbourhood engagement through public/private/church partnerships. They have completed Masters degrees in Intercultural Studies and Missiology at Asbury Theological Seminary and are keen students of emerging food security issues for urban contexts. They have a teenage son and live and work in Melbourne’s CBD with Urban Seed.

    Geoff can be contacted by email at
    Sherry can be contacted by email at

    Matt Pingitore, New Churches Consultant

    Matt forms part of the Mission Catalyst team, his primary role is engaging with leaders to explore relevant ways to see communities of faith that emerge within all areas of life. He is passionate about seeing Gospel transformation within neighbourhoods. Matt has a theology of mission and business background. He's a practitioner who has pioneered a variety of missional communities over the past 10 years that seek to be the Church in everyday life. He's interested in seeing leaders empowered by the Spirit sent back into the world to see lives transformed as new followers of Jesus.

    Matt can be contacted by email at

    Global Interaction -

    Rev Ryan Smith, State Director

    Ryan Smith is the Victorian State Director for Global Interaction, the global mission agency for the Baptist Church in Australia. His role within the Mission Catalyst team is to promote the global dimension of mission within our Baptist churches. Previously a physiotherapist, Ryan also has more than 10 years of experience in pastoral ministry and has a particular interest in promoting effective contextual mission both locally and globally. He enjoys journeying with people who are wanting to explore God’s call to global mission and helping churches to engage in meaningful and effective global mission partnership. Ryan can be contacted by phone on 98806162 or by email at

    Allison Lynn, Executive Assistant to State Director

    Allison is the Executive Assistant to Rev Ryan Smith (Global Interaction State Director). She looks after a lot of the admin tasks involved in connecting churches with Global Interaction cross-cultural workers. Her role is a part of the Mission Catalyst Team. Allison can be contacted on (03) 9880 6161 or you can email her at or

    Cathie Staunton, Young Adults Consultant

    Cathie Staunton has recently been appointed to the role of Young Adults Consultant for Global Interaction Vic/Tas. Cathie comes to her Global Interaction role with a wealth of experience working amongst young people. In addition to church-based youth ministry, Cathie is a school teacher and qualified chaplain and is committed to mentoring young people. She is currently completing a Masters of Divinity at Whitley College

    Andy Staunton, Partnership Development Consultant

    Andy is an ordained Baptist pastor, ministering together with Cathie in a number of Victorian Baptist churches. Currently, they are serving at Newmarket Baptist Church, in their local neighbourhood, where Andy is on the pastoral team and Cathie is involved in Community Engagement. Andy is also employed part-time at Whitley College as a NEXT mentor. Andy and Cathie are long-time supporters of Global Interaction’s ministry and are passionate about seeing mission advanced both locally and globally. Andy’s parents were former workers with Global Interaction in India, and together Andy and Cathie have visited a number of our teams and have been active in advocating for the cross-cultural work of Australian Baptists.

    Baptist World Aid Australia -
    Mark Purser, Victorian State Representative

    Mark is an ordained Pastor and the Victorian state representative for Baptist World Aid Australia. Mark steps into this role after 20 years of pastoral ministry in various church settings including Senior pastor at the Clovercrest Baptist church in Adelaide. During that time he also served as the Adelaide Crows Club Chaplain. Mark has a real heart to empower and challenge people to respond compassionately and effectively to the plight of the poor around the world. To see ‘the least of these’ touched and communities being lifted out of poverty and experience long-term sustainability. Mark is available to present, preach and run workshops across our movement of Baptist churches. He can be contacted on 0417146855 or email

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