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  • Specialist Ministries

    Specialist Ministry Networks are groups of church leaders and pastors who share a passion and developed skills in specific areas of ministry. They gather in various ways – meetings, mentoring networks, seminars and online – to develop vision and ministry resources for the Baptist Union of Victoria.
    Some of these groups gather around specific age-group ministry, others around specialised aspects of ministry. All are valued for the contribution they bring to our life together. While not directly funded by the BUV budget, the BUV office provides some support services in personalised support and communication.
    The current list of Specialist Ministry Groups is as follows:

    Network Current Activities/Purpose Key contact BUV contact

    Early Childhood

    Provides a reference point for resources, ideas, training and advice for playgroup leaders with a focus on playgroups being a mission for the church

    Ruth Kernick

    Kylie Butler

    Children and Families

    Provides café events for networking, discussing issues and mentoring Children and Families Pastors

    Kylie Butler

    Kylie Butler

    Second Half Ministry and Mission Group

    Provides training events that catalyse churches to develop models of spirituality, discipleship and mission for older adults

    Ross Morgan

    Philip Gilham

    Worship and Creative Arts

    Provides an ecumenical network of worship and creative arts pastors and training and consultancies for churches wanting to develop in worship and creative arts ministries

    Denise Ham

    Daniel Bullock /Lyn Williams

    Online Mission

    Provides a network for leaders who seek to serve churches with effective IT and communications technology, social networking and effective online mission

    Steve Fogg

    Nikki Capp

    Next Generation Leaders

    Provides mentoring, training and retreats for children, youth & young adults pastors

    Kylie Butler

    Kylie Butler

    Pastoral Team leaders

    Provides shared learning and opportunities to make a wider missional contribution to the BUV for pastors of churches with multiple staff

    Bill Brown

    Daniel Bullock

    Baptist Ministers Victoria

    Provides a support, resourcing and advocacy group for Victorian Baptist pastors who choose to become members

    Grant Stewart

    Andrew Woff


    The Christian Playgroup Network encourages, equips and supports Christian playgroup leaders to effectively coordinate church playgroups that demonstrate and communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Kylie Butler

    Social Justice

    Provides a network for leaders who want to motivate conversations and action in advocacy for change around issues of justice.

    Jess Groszek

    Nikki Capp

    Karen Pastors Network

    Provides opportunity for pastors of Karen Churches(and pastors of the landlord churches of Karen congregations) to share ministry issues and support Karen employment initiatives

    Marg Moran

    Meewon Yang, Chris Barnden

    Church Planters Network

    Provides opportunity for mutual support, learning and inspiration for church planters

    David Chatelier

    Anne WilkinsonHayes

    Pioneers Network

    Provides collective support and learning to missional leaders involved in innovative projects

    Anne WilkinsonHayes

    Anne WilkinsonHayes

    Victorian Baptist Women

    Empowering women for ministry

    Omega Raimundo

    Lisa Isaacs

    Op Shops Network

    Networking for organisers of community development through op shops

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Property Development

    Supporting property development to enable community development and social enterprise in the BUV

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Migrant Resourcing

    Support and development network for faith communities offering food support and hospitality

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Food ministry

    Support and development network for faith communities offering food support and hospitality

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Social enterprise

    Support and resourcing for faith communities exploring social enterprise

    Brent Lyons-Lee

    Brent Lyons-Lee

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