BUV Property Development Committee

At the BUV Office we recognise and appreciate each local church has the freedom and opportunity under God to determine if and when their facilities are suitable for a renewed vision of ministry and mission. Often, however, we have discovered that our churches faced with a building or foot print that has become inadequate for new purposes and aspire to redevelop do not necessarily have the knowledge as to how to proceed within their pastoral teams.  

So we want to encourage and support the mission of the local church in these matters. We want to celebrate, strengthen and aid pastoral leadership teams who have the passion, energy and vision to reimagine their churches’ physical response to increased missional opportunities. We recognise Pastoral Leadership Teams often need help in achieving this. To this end we have established the Property Development Committee (PDC),  a voluntary advisory board, consisting of technical professionals who are able to give initial advice to any enquiring church.   

The local church is completely within its Biblical and sacred right to undertake change at whatever stage it determines. We do, however, acknowledge that:

It is mission which drives and should be the motivator of any redevelopment of a church’s physical footprint.

The PDC sits under the department of the Mission Catalyst Team and is directly accountable to the DoMM of the BUV.

The PDC consists of volunteers and there is no cost to the enquiring church, however as the committee is advisory only, it cannot engage in ongoing project management. The following guidelines explain the remit of the committee’s limits. Churches desiring to engage with particular members are free to do so under their own negotiations.

The committee’s remit is:

  • Work through a Missional Audit with the alignment of the physical redevelopment, rebuild or complete build.
  • Listen and discern presenting church’s aspirations for either extension, relocation or rebuild
  • Help expand vision to various options available, pitfalls, and realities of the dream
  • Understand any heritage overlay issues previously not considered
  • Explore alternative options to the presenting vision if appropriate.
  • To submit any plans they have and/or a health check (current audit of church numbers etc), of these plans in relation to their mission.
  • Review any existing plans or permits the presenting church has already made.
  • Suggest appropriate referrals
  • Advice regarding sourcing and costing.
  • Help in understanding financial/loan options (enquiries regarding value and funding)
  • Advise on permit processes
  • To enquire at any stage in the development of the process
  • Advice for disposing of property
  • General property advice.

For more information please contact the Mission Catalyst Team at missioncatalyst@buv.com.au .