BUV Together – Good News Stories

Together is a monthly email that highlights some of the Good News Stories from within the BUV. God is doing some amazing things in Victoria and we think these stories should be celebrated!



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  • Christmas Devotion: Faith Hope Love

    Our final 3 week devotion series for 2020 is based on Faith, Hope and Love. The series will include discussion questions and will be suitable for small groups.

  • Christmas Devotion Part 1: Faith

      Christmas Devotions: Faith, Hope, Love FAITH by Kimberly Smith   For better or […]

  • Merging together

    During the long lockdown of 2020, Cranbourne Baptist church and Crosspoint Baptist church both lost access to the buildings they had been using for their services. But through God’s provision, both churches have now merged together to become one—a church plant at the heart of Clyde North.

  • Meet, collaborate, rehearse and perform!

    Armadale Baptist Church officially launched the Armadale Community Arts Hub where members of the community can come together to meet, collaborate, rehearse and perform together.

  • Surrender Youth Hour

    Surrender’s Youth Hour saw a variety of youth groups share a space to learn about helping us hear, see and notice those whom Jesus places at the centre of the Kingdom as we work towards a more just and compassionate world.

  • Transformed: Chin Christian Youth Combined Service

    Lutuv Baptist Church hosts the 13th Chin Christian Youth Combined Service (CCYCS) in a joyous, multilingual service.

  • Flourish – it’s the little things

    The Flourish program and its members are creating a community of young people (both young adults returning to mentor and those in the program itself), who has a real heart of for serving the community.

  • EMERGE Apprenticeship Pathway Cohort Day

    2021 has seen 10 emerging leaders from 8 churches participate in the EMERGE Apprenticeship Pathway and explore what it means to lead self, lead others, lead ministries and live and lead missionally.

  • Baptist Women Gather for 70th Annual World Day of Prayer

    The first Monday of every November is the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer. This year, the Baptist World Alliance Women (BWAW) celebrated its 70th annual gathering. Be encouraged by Baptist women all over the world from Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan to Nepal as they prayed for you and for each other.

  • 10,000 Reasons to Sing Together

    During a long COVID Lockdown in 2021, Baptist Churches in Victoria were unable to meet for an annual gathering. This video recording of 10 000 Reasons was assembled by some who were able to contribute at the time. What separates us, need not divide us. There are still many reasons to sing.