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  • BUV COVID-19 Advice (April)

    BUV COVID-19 Advice (April)

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  • Unprecedented Love Devotion Series

    Unprecedented Love is a 5 week devotion series from the BUV
    Part 1 by Rev Jonathan Stark – #unprecedentedlove for unprecedented times
    Part 2 by Rev Graeme Semple – How can we express Jesus’ unprecedented love?
    Part 3 by Kimberly Smith – Unprecedented Power to Act in Unprecedented Ways
    Part 4 by Rev Robert Hayman – Unprecedented Love – Good Friday
    Part 5 by Rev Dr Bill Brown – Unprecedented Love – Resurrection

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  • Dangerous Prayers for Dangerous Times

    A call to be praying together for one another, our churches, our neighbourhood, our families, our world.

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  • Free song and video for use at Easter by Andrew Naylor

    Free song and video for use at Easter by Andrew Naylor

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  • The Three-Week Mark

    Often after a major trauma or incident we find ourselves having strong emotional, spiritual or physical reactions. I think COVID-19 would count as a major trauma! If you are in leadership in a church, over the last few weeks you have been forced to lead your church through a massive change process that has happened at very short notice. You have totally transformed your mode of church; had to learn how to stream services, provide pastoral care remotely, run meetings online and deliver sermons to camera rather than a present congregation. Some or all of this has been outside of your experience.

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  • Pastoral Care During the COVID-19: Go old School, Go new school, Go all out

    It is important for Victorian Baptist Pastors to remember that while visitation is now severely limited, there are still so many ways to provide pastoral care.

    Rev Jonathan Stark, BUV’s Head of Pastoral Leadership, Support and Development, details the most effective ways to care for God’s people through this COVID-19 crisis, encouraging Pastors to: Go old school, Go new school and Go all out.

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  • BUV COVID-19 Advice (March)

    BUV COVID-19 Advice (March 2020)

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  • 7 Ideas for Church Financial Leaders Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

    7 Ideas for Church Leaders Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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  • Responding Pastorally to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The Word Health Organisation has declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, and a time of global health crisis. In response to the dramatic effects which the virus is having on our economy, the Australian government has considered that now is a time to act with financial stimulus. We are now facing the banning of public gatherings of over 500 people.

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