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  • 26 Apr

    Consultation Forum - Mentone

    Consultation Forum - Mentone

    We undertake a process of Forums for consultation, because we want to discern what is God’s will for us as a movement of churches. Those who represent their church as Delegates of our Baptist Union of Victoria, do so with a responsibility and the trust of individual congregations to represent what they have discerned God leading in each local setting. These Forum opportunities are not about individual views – we come together as representatives of our different parts of the one body. We set aside this time to listen to God, to each other, and to discern Gods ways, not our own preferences. We come together to seek God’s best purpose for us – together, as a movement of Baptist Churches, intent on advancing the Kingdom of God.

    Each Consultation Forum will discuss issues identified through feedback from Delegates Dinners, through the BEthos network and from matters raised by churches with our BUV Office. Union Council determines each year which key issues should be addressed and discussed. There will also be space at each forum for churches to raise current or emerging issues and share these concerns with the wider body of churches.

    Baptist World Alliance has provided a helpful statement regarding unity in diversity and engaging in respectful conversations. It sets out some helpful principles for respectful dialogue when there is a diversity of views.

    Principles and Guidelines for Intra-Baptist Relationships (325.5 kB)

    Event Details

    •  Event Date:

      26th April 2017

    •  Where:

      Mentone Baptist Church

    •  Cut Off Date:

      24th Apr 17 11:00 PM

    •  Start Time:

      7:00 PM

    •  End Time:

      9:30 PM

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