15th September 2020

BUV Flourishing Churches Devotions

The vision of the BUV is to be a Union of flourishing churches with Christlike followers that redeems society.  At last year’s October Members’ Dinner, I detailed the Flourishing Church Framework that our BUV Support Hub staff developed that was to be a major focus during 2020, in our effort to support churches to flourish. The framework looks at 3 focus areas of church life – congregational life, congregational character and congregational mission. Within each focus area we have identified 4 aspects that may contribute to a flourishing church – 12 in total. 

Over the next 3 months, members of the BUV Support Hub staff will provide a weekly devotion and study questions based on one of the 12 aspects of the Flourishing Church Framework.  

These devotions come to you with our hope that they will bless and enrich you. Can I also encourage you to share the series with your church leadership and community as we consider and reflect on how to flourish as the church of Jesus Christ.

Rev Daniel Bullock
Director of Mission and Ministries 

Click links below for previous devotions in this series

Congregational Life Part 1 – Discipleship 
Congregational Life Part 2 – Engagement
Congregational Life Part 3 – Hospitality
Congregational Life Part 4 – Diversity
Congregational Character Part 1 – Leadership
Congregational Character Part 2 – Identity
Congregational Character Part 3 – Structure and Process
Congregational Character Part 4 – Innovation
Congregational Mission Part 1 – Community Engagement
Congregational Mission Part 2 – Evangelism
Congregational Mission Part 3 – Justice
Congregational Mission Part 4 – Partnerships

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