21st January 2021

BUV-COACH Empowered Faith Communities

As of January 2021 the BUV and COACH have formed an exciting new partnership in order to see numbers of Empowered Faith Communities (EFC) established through churches across Victoria. EFC are interdependent faith-based communities with a strong discipling culture for people on the margins who may not feel they can fit into mainstream church environments.

A number of years ago, Mark Matthews and COACH established an EFC at New Peninsula’s Rosebud campus and have since witnessed substantial growth of the community, with numbers of people who have come to know Jesus and be baptised.

 In 2021 and beyond, it is our hope to train pastors, leaders and people in Baptist Churches who have a passion to see people in tough places flourish, to be able to lead and facilitate EFC’s.  And because we want to enable anyone who wants to participate in this journey, we are offering this learning process at no cost – yes that’s right -free!  

 We are so excited about the launch of this new initiative  – we’d love you to join us.  Please register for the first training opportunity on March 18 2021 below.

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