1st December 2021

Community of Practice 2022 – Developing as a Leader and Developing Leaders

Specifically designed for senior / lead pastors, this one year of excellent leadership training in community will permanently impact a pastor’s ministry trajectory by –

  • Working with a group of 8-10 other Baptist pastors to facilitate growing as healthy pastors leading healthy churches and developing healthy leaders who develop healthy leaders.
  • Nurturing and growing leadership skills, abilities, and gifts for decades of fruitful ministry.
  • Encouraging self-care to impact longevity in vocation pastoral leadership.
  • Leading and developing others as they walk closer with Jesus.

The Pathway and Components for the Year

  • Preparation for retreat – Completion of 360 Leadership Practices Inventory by people who work with you or who are part of your network.
  • Overnight Retreat 4pm February 13 -3 pm February 14 at Mount Martha with a focus on leadership formation, developing as an authentic leader, receiving individual 360-degree feedback.
  • Five Bimonthly Gatherings at BUV Support Hub from 9.00 am -4.00 pm March 30, May 18, August 17, September 28, November 23 with key input on different aspects of leadership, developing leaders, living missionally, curating a discipleship culture, as well as time for group conversation and peer mentoring on an individual’s contextual leadership challenges.
  • Six Individual one-on-one coaching/supervision sessions with a trained Partners in Ministry Supervisor to review, help further contextualise, troubleshoot, and implement.

The Facilitators – Bill Brown and Kimberly Smith from BUV and John Jeffries from ‘Partners in Ministry’  with other input from experienced leaders and some of the Partners in Ministry team with experience and expertise in a wide variety of ministry contexts – see website partnersinministry.com 

The Outcome

A growing number of pastors –

  • whose individual leadership has been strengthened with character development, tools and skills which will serve them well for decades of future ministry.
  • who have been enabled to effectively develop leaders who develop leaders.
  • having received individual 360-degree feedback to identify strengths and ‘blind-spots’ and having received tools that will enable them to respond to their ‘blind-spots’ and facilitate growth where needed.
  • who are less likely to be impacted by stress and burnout and better equipped for greater longevity in effective ministry.
  • who have bonded with each other and will be able to provide mutual support in their future ministry.
  • who will be well placed to bring strong impact to their local church, their local community, and the global community.

The Cost

One-year full programme – $1,600 invoiced quarterly by PIM i.e., $400/quarter                 

Interested?  Contact Bill Brown at bill.brown@buv.com.au or 0407821784

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