8th June 2023

Epsom’s exciting missional expansion into nearby Huntly

Epsom Community Church continues to think outside the box in its mission to reach its community. During COVID, when churches were closed, Epsom ran a “Drive in Church” where members parked in the church carpark and listened via their FM car radio to the pastor preaching a sermon outside the church building.

More recently, when the church found they were running out of space, they began to think outside the box once again. Rather than just create another gathering in the same location there was support for thinking a little more missionally about planting a church in the nearby burgeoning Bendigo suburb of Huntly – a suburb with significant land development but a distinct lack of “church presence”.

And so, Huntly Community Church, was born. The combined Epsom / Huntly leadership are co-operating with a small Anglican church in Huntly, appreciating the generosity shown in their agreement to share their facility.  “I feel that God has been blowing us along with His plan in the lead up to the first gathering”. Huntly Community Church has been blessed by the group of about 25 who came from Epsom Community Church along with the steady stream of people coming to ‘check them out’ as well as some who have joined from the local community.  Around 70 people attended the launch but, as usual, this has been settling over the more recent weeks and they are getting a more accurate idea of who might be going to continue to attend.

Pastor Jonathan Phillips says “We are still working out what it looks like to be part of our community, but I’m reminded of the verse that tells that us if Jesus is lifted up, He will draw people to Himself and so that’s what we endeavour to do as we start.” Let’s keep this innovative church in our prayers as they continue to bless the Bendigo area.



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