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  • Grant facilitates community engagement

    6th April 2017

    The organisation has been delivering a range of food security and social inclusion programs. Over the past three years Baptcare awarded Urban Seed with a $40,000 annual sum to assist with the growth of their facilities and program management, so that they could deliver life changing services to the community.

    Urban Seed, which delivers programs across Melbourne, Wangaratta and now Norlane, provides lifestyle and personal support through a huge array of events and groups. Programs include Monday night community meals, men’s breakfasts, gardening groups and a community pantry.

    Program Team Leader, Kaylene Reeves said thanks to the Baptcare grant, Urban Seed has begun a kids and families program that brings vulnerable families together for a meal.

    “The program's focus is on developing their skills in and the enjoyment of raising kids together,” Kaylene said.

    Urban Seed CEO David Wilson said the Baptcare grant has given them the stability to plan and develop their organisation for the long term. Through the grant, the programs have flourished and brought the Norlane community together in a safe environment.

    “As a result of the grants we have seen the establishment of a genuine and stable community through our programs,” David said.

    Urban Seed's efforts in Norlane have had a profound effect on the community. Norlane resident, Carol* has benefited from the programs at Urban Seed by finding a place where she feels like she belongs. Carol is a volunteer with Urban Seed and only after taking a break from volunteering as a result of an injury, did the she realise the impact Urban Seed had on her life.

    “She had purpose and direction in her life. She had a reason to get up in the morning and she had made great friends,” Urban Seed Fundraising Officer, David Cook said.

    Through the money provided by Baptcare, Urban Seed has been able to bring together a community and secure the future of its programs.

    “Baptcare has helped us to ignite and boost our programs, and we look forward to being able to continue to work effectively in developing a community in our neighborhood,” Kaylene concluded.

    Learn more about Urban Seed here