30th August 2021

Justice and Advocacy Week – Asylum Seekers

Today we focus on justice and advocacy for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Mid last year, the UNHCR estimated that for the first time in history, the number of people that have been forcibly displaced from their homeland, stands at 80 million, and worldwide, there are over 26 million refugees.  During this week, let us pray that as God’s people we can continue to advocate for those seeking our assistance by speaking on their behalf as well as providing practical help.


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Take Action

  • Read stories of the BUV Refugee Airfare and Car Loan Scheme
  • Read the stories of how Baptcare assists asylum seekers through their Houses of Hope programme and consider partnering with them by providing housing, funds or volunteers 
  • Follow the story of Baptist Pastor Tri Nguyen’s journey as a former refugee and his upcoming campaign
  • Join the #TimeForAHome campaign to call the government to release refugees in detention and by sending a letter to your local MP
  • Pray and consider ways that you or your church can welcome and assist asylum seekers and refugees in your community – there is an example below from Brunswick Baptist Church 
  • Share what you have with people seeking asylum – your car, your home, meals, clothing, furniture. These are all the practical outworking of a ministry of enfolding and belonging. See 21 things you can do to support people seeking asylum
  • Write to your local MP about increasing the number of visas under the Special Humanitarian Program back to 18750 and to establish a timetabled plan to raise the number to 27,000-30,000 annually – see ABM’s Justice21 report for more detail – this is especially relevant with the recent events in Myanmar and Afghanistan

Useful Resources

Justice 2021 (Converge) Discussion Document on Asylum Seekers and Refugees
A paper on Biblical Hospitality and Asylum Seekers by Prof Mark Brett
21 Things You Can Do to Support People Seeking Asylum
Template Letter to Local MP
A story and reflection from Brunswick Baptist Church
Donate to Refugee Airfare and Assistance Scheme (RAALS)
RAALS Car Loan Story
Pastor Tri Nguyen’s Campaign
Pastor Tri's Journey of Thanks
Join the #TimeForAHome Campaign
Video: Brother Oh My Brother Song by Phil Hudson from Brunswick Baptist Church
Other BUV Resources on Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Action for Afghanistan
Partner with BaptCare House of Hope
Justice and Advocacy Topics Page

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