30th August 2021

Justice and Advocacy Week – First Nations

Today we focus on justice and advocacy for our First Nations peoples.  Creator God has blessed us with the oldest living people and culture here on these lands we now call Australia. However, since colonisation, our First Nations peoples have been treated with indignity. They have experienced loss of land, culture, language, and they have lost many precious lives. Today we have the opportunity to listen, lament and to stand in solidarity with our First Nations sisters and brothers. We encourage you to watch and share the video below.


Download Video

Download First Nations Devotion

Take Action

  • Join the Online PRayer Vigil for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody on Sunday 26 September: Click here for more information
  • Watch Aunty Dr Anne Pattel-Gray’s keynote address from the Surrender Mini-Festival inviting us to listen and go on a journey of relationship with First Nations peoples.
  • Educate yourself through a range of resources using Common Grace’s suggested videos and readings.
  • take action and speak out against Aboriginal deaths in custody, by writing or speaking to your local MP.

Useful Resources

Educational Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice, through Common Grace
Suggested template to write to your MP to speak out against Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
The first Aboriginal Baptist pastor ordained – Uncle Pastor Graham Paulson’s story
Uncle Pastor Graham Paulson’s story in video
Global Interaction: Meet Mat and Shannon
Global Interaction: Meet Mat and Shannon (video)
Global Interaction: Meet Danny and Beth
Their Own Distinctive Ways - Outback Australia
Distinctive Ways - Resonate
Justice and Advocacy Topics Page

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