30th August 2021

Justice and Advocacy Week – Introduction

This year for the very first time the Baptist Union of Victoria are hosting a Justice and Advocacy Week – it is an opportunity to focus, highlight and champion key issues that confront our most vulnerable in society.  As Baptists we have always been a radical voice to raise and right issues of oppression and power in society for those who are made in the image of God but have been forgotten by this world. In this time of unprecedented disruption, chaos, violence, and inequality in the world, we as Baptists are called back to our roots.  During this week we will be highlighting one key social issue each day that we believe is at the heart of God’s concern for justice in the world – First Nations, Global Poverty, Asylum Seekers /Refugees, Domestic and Family Violence, and Homelessness.  There are lots of ways that you or your church can join us and we look forward to hearing how your church has been involved in this week.


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Take Action

There are lots of ways that you or your church can join us and be involved in this week.  We encourage you to:

  • Watch and share the daily video that will be coming your way through an email, social media post every day this week or from the topic pages here.
  • Use the daily devotions you will find on each spotlight topic website page
  • Use the resource for small groups we have developed, which has been adapted from the book, Healing Our Broken Humanity, by Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill
  • Read Justice 2021 a report developed by Australian Baptist Ministries which has an overview of 8 key social issues

Useful Resources

Justice and Advocacy Week's Topics
Coverge Report - Justice 2021
Small Group Guide
Advocacy 101
Social and Advocacy Resources
Justice and Advocacy Topics Page

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