22nd March 2021

May Mission Month

Global Interaction’s May Mission Month is a milestone month for our Australian Baptist movement and we invite you to get involved! We invite you to celebrate what God is doing around the world, to stand with our intercultural teams, to pray and to unite afresh in partnership.

This year, the theme is ‘Vibrant Communities’. We’re asking the question, with eyes of faith, what do we see for communities in Australia and around the world?

As we unpack the Vibrant Communities theme, we’re also wanting to celebrate what God is doing across our Baptist movement in Australia.

Be it on the Silk Road or Seymour, be it in Malawi or Mentone, Cambodia or Camberwell we recognise the opportunity and privilege of embracing God’s gracious invitation to join him in local communities, sharing the hope of Jesus in ways that make sense to people in their neighbourhoods, language and culture.

As Australian Baptists, we are a mission people. May Mission Month is a great opportunity to strengthen and celebrate partnership.
 Let’s together, as ambassadors and advocates, seize the opportunity to invite others to partner with us as we take the hope of Jesus to people around the globe, who otherwise might never hear the Good News in ways that make sense to them.

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