16th April 2018

A Cafe Created to Serve and Love

St Peter’s Cafe is a brand new not-for-profit café by day and a friendly church community any other time. Located in the heart of Morwell, the cafe offers a warm and relaxed, family friendly atmosphere with a healthy yet simple lunch menu and quality coffee.

Through the services of St Peter’s Cafe, Christian Community Church Morwell is committed to serving their community by supporting Soul Food Fridays, who provide a meal to the community every Friday night as well as an emergency accommodation service to those who need it most. As proud Gippslandians, they are big on supporting other local businesses and seek to use only locally sourced products.

It’s the Latrobe Valley’s only non-profit café, and boasts a new playground as the centrepiece of the space for the community to gather.

The intent of the café is to use church facilities and resources otherwise not used during the week to provide employment for local people. Profits from the cafe go to a local soup kitchen and emergency accommodation also operated by the church.

St Peter’s Cafe has been open since February 14, with the offical grand opening in April to celebrate the installation of a fully enclosed outdoor area complete with a new playground, funded by a $30,000 grant from Baptcare.

Check out their website here, and share in some of the excitement by viewing the opeining video below

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