7th June 2021

Aintree shows support and solidarity for India

Members of the Aintree faith community went in the dark of night to create a message of support for India as they face the COVID crisis.

With much of our neighbourhood from the sub-continent (around 60%), and many people sharing stories of having family members directly affected by COVID, we wanted to bring the community together in prayer and support of our neighbours.”


The group from Aintree faith community tied ribbons to the fence of the local Primary school in the dark of night so that the community would find it in the morning.  They spelled out INDIA in the colours of the Indian flag, adding a sign to encourage others to also participate and join in prayers.


“People are invited to tie a ribbon to the fence of our local Primary School as a sign of prayers or as a gesture of good will and support.”   

The members of the faith community gathered for an evening prayer (just before the lockdown) and were encouraged to see people in the neighbourhood also engaging with the display.


What ways have you been showing your support and love for your neighbours in your own community? Share your stories with us today @ comms@buv.com.au

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