8th June 2021

As one door closes, another opens

On the 2nd of May at the closing service of Kingsville Baptist Church, Pastor Samuel preached a moving and encouraging word about moving on in peace. With only 7 members of the congregation, it was a challenge for the small Slovakian church (and the only Slovakian Baptist church in Victoria) to continue its weekly services. It was a courageous decision for the small church to close with some of the major challenges they faced.

With the help of the BUV team (Rev Christine Wanstall and Rev Chris Barnden), the group was offered the opportunity to host their services at Newport Baptist Church, just after one week!

“I’ve been praying a lot about this and this feels right,” were Pastor Samuel’s words on the day when he was taken around to see the church space for himself.

Senior Pastor Julie Hunt from Newport Baptist Church welcomed Pastor Samuel and his congregation with open arms and they are more than grateful for their generosity of spirit. The new members joined the English service in the morning before starting their own Slovakian service in the afternoon two weeks later—and has been since!

Despite the initial painful decision of closing of a church, the people of God continue to be a source of hope and encouragement to their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. After all, when God closes one door, he opens up another.

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