30th April 2018

Bangjoo Praise School

In the middle of January his year, as part of a discussion about how engage the musical talents and gifts of church members in mission, the Melbourne Bangjoo Church Leaders had the idea of conducting a praise school.

Since February, Byungsuk Lee has undertaken general planning, and been in charge of the proceedings and publicity to prepare the praise school. In March, he was able to promote the school of praise through various routes.

The Praise School was aimed at children who had no experience of faith, or those who had been brought up in Christian families but were not living in faith. The intent was to make it possible for the children who participated to meet God naturally through praise and music.

The children participated in one of four Praise School programs:
Praise and dance Class for Prep
Rhythm Class for grade 1 ~ 3
Band Class for Grade 4 ~ 5
Choir Class for all children combined

Byungsuk Lee shared his excitement that he couldn’t believe they could do so much in such a short time, ”but God was finally praised through the lips of the children. Hallelujah!”

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