31st August 2017

Baptcare The Orchards Community Now Open!

Responding to community needs, Baptcare The Orchards Community officially opened this week to a large gathering of community representatives, staff and future residents.

The Orchards’ history is intimately connected to the Templestowe Baptist Church, whose founders in the 1970s envisaged a community centre that combined a retirement village, church, recreation and entertainment facilities.

Over 30 years later, Baptcare has furthered the vision of the Orchards’ initial founders by expanding the site to include the brand new 150-bed residential aged care facility.

This new aged care facility will also be home to Iris, one of the initial visionaries of the original site, as well as 30 other residents from the existing retirement living community.

“I remember seeing this place as a block of land and thinking that one day I might live here. When I think how far we have come and how much has been built, it’s a nice feeling – it makes one feel proud,” Iris said.


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