3rd August 2021

Baptist in Mission Conference 2021!

The Baptist in Mission Conference 2021 was held last month in hubs and online all across Australia. The successful conference, which was about the mission of God, brought about a fresh awareness of where one is located in the story of God’s mission and a learning opportunity to grow in mission, evangelism and community transformation. This first of its kind conference is a collaboration between Crossover, Global Interaction, Baptist agency partners and Baptist State Associations and Unions. It provided a great learning opportunity about the mission of God….and the mission of God at the core of Australian Baptist identity. No matter one’s particular calling (eg. workplace evangelism, church planting, intercultural mission, Kingdom-centred social enterprises), every attendee developed a fresh awareness of where they are located in the story of God’s mission which, in turn, leads to more “intentional, faithful and effective participation in mission and evangelism”. 





Hear what our participants have to say about the conference:

“The Baptists in Mission conference was a brains trust of missionaries, theologians, missiologists, great thinkers and movers who are passionate about sharing God’s infinitely compassionate heart for the world. Through the conference, my view of Christianity has been stretched to understand how Jesus moves in the most surprising ways and in unlikely places, and my place in His amazing plan into the future.” – Lena Lim, Global Interaction

“Anytime there is an innovation we celebrate. We have a mantra for innovation, “change that adds value”. Given that measure, “The Baptist In Mission Conference” was certainly innovative. I loved the fact that we were able to collaborate with our key agencies in mission and formation and for the first time curate a national conference that brought our Baptist family together in what is the most important distinctive for us – the missio Dei. To hear all the diverse voices inform us from the stories, issues, practices, and wisdom of God’s activity in the world and how we are joining in with him in remarkable ways, is not just for the cross-cultural worker, but so very necessary for the local pastoral leader. This conference will only grow in reach and stature – well done team.” – Rev Gayle Hill, head of BUV’s Mission Catalyst

 “I loved the opportunity to hear stories from people serving God all over the world. It’s challenging to be exposed to new ideas from people who have experienced life and mission in completely different contexts than I have, but it’s also inspiring! It confronts my cultural lenses and helps clarify what I actually believe.” – Teagan Dwyer-Riviere, Global Interaction 


Check out the highlights below and we hope to see you next year!


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