9th December 2021

Baptist Women Gather for 70th Annual World Day of Prayer

The first Monday of every November is the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer. This Day of Prayer program, which sees thousands of Baptist women around the world gather to pray for each other, celebrated its 70th annual gathering this year. 

“We are linking arms, standing in solidary with each other on that special day.” 

Newly appointed Executive Director of BWA Women, J Merritt Johnston has this to say about the event: 

“Since 1951, Baptist women around the world have been gathering for the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer (that’s 70 years of impact!), and today I was blessed to join in for the 2021 Day of Prayer. What a joy and privilege to hear prayers raised in so many languages!” 

In addition to praying together, women are were called to participate in a global offering that helps fund Baptist World Alliance Women’s missional initiatives in Cameroon, Thailand, Vanuatu, and the Philippines. 

Be encouraged by our Baptist sisters all over the world as they prayed for you and for each other! 


Some of the praying women featured above included those from Nepal, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Panama, Brisbane, Ukraine, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea and the Telangana Baptist Women.


Check out the BWA Women’s Page for more. 

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