24th September 2019

BLESS our neighbours

The Kilsyth South Baptist Church (KSBC) has a three-part mission, “To Share Jesus, Encourage Christian Growth, and Caring for People” which we work towards achieving through various methods, a major one being outreach which we do through reaching out to the broader local community.

On Saturday 7 September an event was held at the Church in the form of a 3-course dinner and entertainment, the dinner was held in the new Church building with over 160 people attending, entertainment from a group called “After Hours” and professional catering from Chefs2you.

By receiving an outreach grant from the BUV, we were able to do several things to try and achieve our Church Mission, we were able to price the evening at a level affordable to people, we provided a table to the Chaplain at the Basin Primary School, were KSBC is involved with Kid’s Hope to allow him to invite parents who may be struggling to have a night out. We also provided two tables to our Playgroup Leader to invite parents who they believe could benefit from a night out. All those attending from this source do not attend KSBC and many no Church at all.

Our Pastor Peter Nielsen had just completed a series of sermons with the title of “BLESS”: Begin with Prayer, Listen, Eat, Serve, Share a Story.

As a result, 7 people booked a table and invited neighbors and friends to the dinner again these people are not regular Church attendees and through the neighbors commence a relationship which may develop to a better relationship and friendship.

The evening certainly met in total or in part our mission and the “BLESS” message and should the evening generate a small surplus in funds this will go back into other outreach opportunities in our community. From the 160 people attending more than 100 were people not from KSBC but from the actions of outreach.

We give thanks to our wonderful God who through this has led us to reach out and through our actions we can show others that Church and Christians is not a bad place to be.

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