7th June 2021

BUV Bushfire Update June 21

18 months ago, our Baptist family gave generously to help people affected by the Bushfires across Victoria.

Our local pastors and volunteers in these areas have been working since that time to bring practical help along with pastoral care to those who have been impacted. There are still many challenges to be addressed and it is your generosity that is allowing this ongoing work. They have facilitated the distribution of hundreds of relief and care packages, and led over a thousand hours of volunteer labour.  As more than one recipient has said, “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t shown up”. 

Together we have helped large numbers of people reorient their lives through practical help, compassion and kindness.

A lot of people giving a little makes a remarkable difference.

Personally I have found this inspiring. Those who have been at the forefront of this work have displayed tireless courage and generosity themselves and I’m proud to be associated with them and this work. Thank you for making it possible. This short video is a snapshot of where we are up to in this story, and it is your story also.



Thank you.

Andrew Naylor

BUV Partnership Development Pastor

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