8th June 2023

Celebrating a century of education

Carey Baptist Grammar

This year, 2023, Carey Baptist Grammar School is celebrating its centenary year. Carey was founded in 1923 and named in honour of Rev Dr William Carey.
Underpinning the centenary year is the theme, ‘honouring our past, embracing our future’. The aim is to deliver an inclusive and accessible celebration, which pays tribute to its Baptist founders and the 100-year history of Carey Baptist Grammar School, and to acknowledge the past and present, strengthen relationships and inspire innovation into the next century.

For 100 years now, Carey has been committed to developing wise, independent and motivated young people who are inspired to create positive change in our rapidly changing local, national and global communities.

Throughout its history, Carey has continued to grow, thrive and engage with its community. From being invited to join the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS) in 1957 to maintaining an even gender balance since 2011, the school has excelled in achievements and student offerings.

Throughout the year we will deliver a range of inclusive, accessible celebrations for all members of our community to come together, reflect and commemorate this occasion.

Watch their Centenary video here: https://vimeo.com/720478972

Kilvington Grammar

This year, there is much for the Kilvington Grammar community to look forward to as we celebrate our centenary with a range of events and activities. The Centenary Fair, which was held on 25 March, special Founders’ Service on 20 June and Centenary Concert on 10 August, among other events, will help us mark this significant milestone in Kilvington’s rich history.

The Centenary provides us with the opportunity to give thanks to all who have gone before us, particularly the courageous and trailblazing mother and daughter combination, Caroline and Constance Barrett, who founded and passionately pursued their vision for a school in Ormond all those years ago.

Our 100th year also affords a good opportunity to look ahead and set a vision for what we want our school to look like in the future. We know that one constant will be change, and we will embrace new technologies and modes of assisting our students with their learning moving forward.

You can learn more about our Centenary at a specially created website (https://centenarykilvington.ptly.com/100).

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