27th June 2023

Celebrating a New Fellowship

A warm welcome to the BUV was extended to members of Melbourne Senthang Church (MSC) at the BUV’s Members’ Dinner on May 26, 2023.

The new fellowship of approximately 120 attendees, mostly refugees, joined the BUV in March and has been meeting together for around a year. Senthang is an ethnic tribe of the Chin state in Myanmar. Their mother church, Melbourne Chin Church, has been supporting MSC.  

 They found a new place of worship at the Werribee Seventh-Day Adventist Church building, where they hold services on Sundays at 2.30-5.30pm.

BUV Multicultural Consultant, Rev Meewon Yang, said MSC longed for a meeting place of their own because it symbolized home, belonging and togetherness – all extremely important to the members, largely due to their history of being refugees with no land or home of their own.

We are so glad you have joined our Union – we are better together!


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