26th June 2019

Changing lives one Big Step at a time

Big Step Weekend was an initiative started 7 years ago at Crossway, with the goal of communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ & partnering with our Crossway parents at the same time. Whilst an individual profession of faith in Jesus Christ is an individual’s decision, we believe that it is really important for parents and children to be together when a decision like this is made.

On Big Step Weekend, we invite and encourage all parents of primary school aged children to join us in our primary ministry rooms, for a dramatic presentation of the Gospel. Any child wanting to make a first-time commitment to follow Christ are joined by their parents or small group leader and they are led through a time of prayer and reflection by one of Crossway’s Children and Families Pastors. Family groups are then given a ‘Big Step Booklet’ that contains discussion topics, bible passage studies and prayer resources to assist our Crossway parents in the continued discipleship of their child.

For the remainder of the kids and parents who either have already made the ‘Big Step’ to follow Jesus, or are not ready to take the ‘Big Step’ to follow Jesus, they are led through an intentional family activity designed to move families to have meaningful conversations together in reflection to the presentation they have just seen.

Over the years of running Big Step Weekend at Crossway, we have seen many hundreds of children place their trust in Jesus for the very first time. Just last month, we saw over 78 first time commitments from our Primary school children! It is so encouraging to see God at work so powerfully, changing lives one Big Step at a time.

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