4th December 2018

Donations Needed for Baptcare Sanctuary Foodbank

Donations Needed for Baptcare Sanctuary Foodbank

Baptcare Sanctuary provides transitional accommodation in Melbourne and supporting services for homeless people (click here to access BUV’s affordable housing resources) seeking asylum while waiting for the outcome of their application for a Protection visa or Humanitarian claim.

Since 2008, Sanctuary has provided housing and supported more than 400 vulnerable asylum seekers who have been forced to flee their homeland under the threat of persecution.

Sanctuary also runs a Foodbank that, in partnership with Second Bite, Oz Harvest and the Vic Foodbank, provides food for over 50,000 meals per year  – these organisations close over the Christmas period so donations will be greatly appreciated. You can support this vital ministry by asking your church or community to donate non-perishable goods and drop them off at the BUV office by Friday, 14th December.

Helpful items include:

  • Tinned and unflavoured tuna
  • olive oil
  • instant coffee
  • black tea bags
  • honey
  • tinned coconut milk
  • tinned or dried chick peas
  • tinned or dried lentils
  • tinned or dried kidney beans
  • Basmati rice (not jasmine or short grain)
  • small minced garlic
  • small minced ginger
  • long life milk
  • disposable razors
  • shaving cream
  • deodorant
  • sanitary pads

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