12th March 2019

Drought Relief Camp – Thank You!

To all of the Supporters of the Drought Relief Camp

It is with the heartiest of THANK YOUS that we contact you. Thank you for the support you gave to allow 25 children/youth from the Condobolin region to come on Camp at Mill Valley Ranch and enjoy all the adventures we had in store for them!

The Camp took place on January 27 to February 1 (a little later than we first planned, but a more suitable date for the Condobolin families). Our Staff and Volunteers drove up to Condobolin with mini buses to collect the children/youth and bring them down to the Ranch.

The majority of the children/youth had –

  • never been to Victoria
  • never seen skyscrapers or a large city
  • never been to the beach and
  • had never done many of the adventure activities we had in store for them.

It was an amazing experience for them. And an amazing experience for our staff and volunteers to watch their joy and excitement as they tried so many new experiences and had enormous fun.

The children/youth participated in horse riding, horsemanship experiences, canoeing, crate climb, bush hike, initiative challenges and team games, all at the Ranch. But they also had a wonderful afternoon at Gumbuya World and a day trip to Philip Island Adventure Resort and to the beach.

So from the staff and volunteers of Mill Valley Ranch – thank you for helping this camp be such a great success!

From our Board of Directors –

On behalf of the Board of Baptist Camping Victoria, I would like to express our gratitude to you for the support you offered Mill Valley Ranch in the recent Drought Relief project.

It is at the heart of our ministry to “Love our neighbour as ourselves” and to reach out to those in need. Thank you for partnering with us this January 2019.

Jan Smoley – Board Member

We have had numerous requests from families in that region to run this camp again. And now that the Condobolin community are more familiar with Mill Valley Ranch, I believe this is a growing community project that we could continue to support into the future.

Please let us know if you are interested in providing sponsorship funds again in the future, to allow more children and youth from remote drought impacted communities to have a great camp experience.

Some photos of the Camp are attached for you to enjoy.

Many blessings
Sue Ellis


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