20th April 2023

Geoff Maddock from Baptist Mission Australia visits Kawthoolei Karen Baptist church (KKBC) on the Thai Burma border.

Chris MacCartney and I have had an incredible few days with the Kawthoolei Karen Baptist church (KKBC) leaders at both the Bible school and college and the Hope Theological Seminary. The college is located in the Mae La refugee camp near Mae Sot on the Thai/Burma border. Hearing stories of hope and resilience alongside the refugee experience has been truly moving, especially so given the many Karen Baptist churches in Victoria and elsewhere throughout Australia. Drones, war planes and Burmese military personnel are active just across the river from the college and seminary, a constant reminder of the cruel circumstances under which our Baptist family and many others survive day to day. Please continue to pray for these courageous and resilient brothers and sisters. They ask simply not to be forgotten as the world’s attention moved away from the situation in Myanmar.”


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