1st June 2020

In Step with Jesus, with others and with God’s mission

On behalf of our Global Interaction state team and national office, thank you!  We’ve had a fantastic May Mission Month, highlighting and celebrating our cross-cultural workers as they join God’s mission throughout the world. We’re especially grateful for your partnership and encouragement during these difficult weeks and months. Baptist churches from across Victoria and Tasmania have hosted Zoom calls from Global Interaction cross-cultural workers, included our web resources in their online services, and checked in with people and projects they support from Mozambique to Cambodia, from Thailand to Yuendumu.

This year’s theme was centred on our commitment to remain in step with Jesusin step with others, and in step with God’s mission. Acts 15 provided the framework and anchored our reflections on the challenge to keep faith, not religion, at the heart of our Christian witness. We were especially excited to release the beautifully produced short film, In Step, which narrates the story of three Yawo believers in Malawi and how God is using the Global Interaction team in that place.  If you missed out, go and check out In Step and explore the treasure trove of other excellent videos at our online resource hub –  https://www.globalinteraction.org.au/mmm.

As you can imagine, it was a different kind of May Mission Month. We sorely missed the joy of sharing, in person, the work of Global Interaction. However, our discussion tools, children resources and themed sermons were adapted and produced in a way that made them easy to incorporate into online church services.  We were also grateful for the technology that allowed our staff and cross-cultural workers to appear live in online church services. We provided over 40 videos to choose from including messages from State Baptist leaders and many of our cross-cultural workers who, despite COVID-19, remain in the places God has called them.  We also launched our podcast “Missioning” and will be adding more episodes throughout the year.

We appreciate your ongoing partnership throughout 2020 as we equip, send and support the remarkable people God calls for this specific, cross-cultural ministry.  Even though May has come and gone Global Interaction’s important work continues across the year and through time zones, so please check out our resources online and stay tuned to learn about  the ways God is at work around the world.

Peace and Grace,

Geoff Maddock
State Director VIC/TAS
Global Interaction

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