18th December 2018

Introducing the Baptist World Aid 60/40 Challenge


The 60/40 Challenge: a journey of 60 simple actions to end poverty across 40 days.

This March, you’re invited to take part in The 60/40 Challenge… by doing so, you can help raise $400,000 to transform the lives of vulnerable women, men and children living in poverty.


The 60/40 Challenge will help equip you to be the love that ends poverty. As you use your mobile app to complete 60 simple and achievable tasks over the course of 40 days, you will be helping to make a real difference through your reflection, prayer, fundraising, and advocacy. Complete these tasks and be the love that ends poverty!

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Download the ‘End Poverty’ mobile app – available (for FREE!) on The App Store and Google play.



2. Sign-up for The 60/40 Challenge! If you’re worried about what’s to come, not to worry! We promise a fun and simple journey that will help you end poverty as you go about your daily life. Just login, set yourself an achievable fundraising goal*… and you’re off and running! Remember, we have 40-days to work it out together.
3.    Switch on notifications! Allow us to send you a notification each day to let you know when your actions are ready to complete.
4. Tell others about The 60/40 Challenge. Share your journey with your friends and family, and either invite them to join you, or encourage them to support you by donating on your fundraising page!

This is an opportunity that’s been 60 years in the making… so don’t miss out!

Take The 60/40 Challenge. Celebrate your impact in the fight against poverty so far, be excited for your impact to come, and ask God to reveal to you afresh His heart of compassion for humanity.

Will your church or community join the challenge? Click here for more information or register your interest today!


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