20th November 2020

Kids at camp has never looked so good


I hear a scream outside my back yard  – is it a bird, a plane, no it is kids on Camp. 

When you reflect on the things in the past six months it is no wonder my hair is grey (oh, wait my hair was already grey#!!).  

Prior to this year, I would have said one of the best things about camp was seeing a group of smiley but tired kids wave goodbye after they have had a wonderful time on camp – happy customers!  This year, however, once we experienced no camps or operation for six months, the best thing for the staff has been welcoming groups back and greeting them on arrival. For our interns, it was a joy to work and experience running programs for kids once again.

At the time of writing this article, we have had six overnight, and two, three-day camps post COVID restrictions.  The teachers are impressed with our structure and effort at the three Centre’s that are open and we look forward to our metro camp Mill Valley Ranch to be able to host groups again We have been encouraged that teachers have commended our COVIDsafe measures.  

The smiles on the faces of the kids, the noise of the screams of joy as they fly down the flying fox or jump off the leap of faith has lifted our spirits  – they are outside, enjoying life and building relationships together.   Relief from the stresses and anxiety of this year can be seen in their smiles.

On a recent school camp, a teacher who had accompanied her kids to camp, thanked us for all the support during the camp and told us that “this was by far the best experience our kids have had at Camp – the kids couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.”

Without the Government JobKeeper support and grants, we would be in a far worst situation. The work of Management, the Board, all our staff as well as the support from the Baptist Union of Victoria, Baptist Financial Services, and other agencies has been great. We have also valued the prayers from the wider Baptist Union that has lifted our spirits and helped us to keep going through this difficult year. 

For everyone at Baptist Camping Victoria, we have never worked so hard just to survive, and our trust in God has never been more vital through this tough time. We know that his work in camping is only just beginning again. We put our trust in God as we rebuild our ministry and open our doors as COVID19 restrictions are relaxed.

Keep positive everyone, and we cannot wait to see you at any of our centres.


Geoff Caldwell

Director of Camping

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