5th May 2020

Locked doors can’t stifle the gospel

As Baptist Pastors of the BUV, we are probably the first in the history of our Churches to lock the doors and tell people to keep away! We have all had to quickly to reinvent Church life with social distancing, closed Churches and online worship services. But the Gospel of Jesus has not been stifled at NBBC
or many of our other Churches.

1. ZOOM BIBLE STUDY – This term we started online ZOOM bible study groups based around the motto “For such a time as this” from Esther chapter 4. We chose 10 passages from the Bible that we felt God speaking directly into this time battling COVID19. We have found that we now have more people “attending” growth groups than we did before the crisis.

2. DAILY DEVOTIONS – In our network of congregation we have over 250 contacts reaching over 400 people on email. Each morning pastor Graeme sends out an encouraging devotion to comfort, strengthen and inspire our people in the Lord. These emails are being forwarded by our congregation to all quarters including work colleagues, families and locations to many parts of the world.

3. KIDS CHURCH ONLINE – We have a very inventive Kids Church team headed by Albert & Betty Wong who have sought new ways to help the children and parents continue in discipleship and growth during this time. This includes a regular section in the Sunday YouTube service, emailed Kids Church teaching activities, video presentations from some of our teachers and an Easter
competition for the children. The children were asked to present a craft or video depicting the true meaning of Easter. The entrants were amazing and a powerful demonstration of Easter. One of the vision goals of the Kids Church has been for parents, children and the Church to be partnering together and this event was one of the best examples of this cooperation yet!

Graeme Prentice
North Balwyn Baptist Church

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