12th March 2019

Meeting the Challenge of Church Finance & Admin Support

The BUV has assisted churches with financial and administrative information for many years

As regulations become more complicated and non-compliance has greater consequences, our BUV is helping churches become more proactive


In February 2018 the BUV employed Andrew North to be the first point of contact with churches in matters of business and finance

Andrew has an Accounting background, and has worked on school and church executive teams as both Administrator and Business Manager and has been using Excel and small business financial packages since they were invented!

He has a lifetime in Baptist Churches and been on the BUV Audit and Risk Committee from 2013 to 2018

The BUV has no intent to impose methods and regulations on churches, but can guide and provide support in the following areas:

  • Accounting & Finance information and training
  • ACNC registration and compliance
  • Tax – BAS, GST, PAYG, FBT
  • Information about the BUV and services offered
  • Good governance guidance
  • Payroll transactions advice (incl. super, LSL, PAYG and exempt benefits)
  • Mandatory reporting and best practice reporting
  • Help with software implementation and training
  • Policy guidance
  • Resources

Much of the Financial Consultant services will be provided to the churches at no cost. If the services are of a more ongoing nature a fee plan will be discussed

Church Treasurers are not always Accountants and even if they are they shouldn’t have to start from scratch when they take on the role.

If our BUV office team can be of assistance please contact Andrew at andrew.north@buv.com.au

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