6th June 2018

NewHope Medical Opens it’s Doors

Exciting news!  NewHope medical practice has opened its doors to patients offering the highest quality GP care, pathology, and counselling services.

This creative initiative shows the value of partnership, a commitment to the wellbeing of neighbours, and a vision for mission.  We’re deeply grateful for NewHope pioneering this important expression of community engagement and for leading the way in connecting the life of a church with professional medical care.  This new centre connects seamlessly with other services needed in our communities (such as a food pantries, debt management advice, parenting help, friendly mentoring, learning English as a second language, and support during the process of seeking asylum).

The NewHope Medical practice is an initiative of NewHope Baptist Church and NewHope Community Care Inc. recognising that a medical centre would provide a doorway and add value in service to the community. Doctors, especially GPs, are often the first port of call for many people facing life challenges today, be they physical or otherwise. Situated amongst the many communities, programs and services of NewHope Baptist Church (newhope.net.au) and NewHope Community Care (newhopecare.net.au) the team has much to offer those seeking health and wellbeing, belonging and community.

Check out the website to learn more  – www.newhopemedical.com.au

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