23rd February 2023

Recap – Gender Roles and Sexuality in the Church

An excellent day filled with biblical content, humour, challenge and humility

On Thursday 16 February 2023, we welcomed Guest Speaker, Dr Christa McKirland, PhD, ThM, MA, BA (Hons)and Lecturer in Systematic Theology from Carey Baptist Theological College in New Zealand to discuss Gender Roles and Sexuality in the Church. Over 170 people representing 69 churches attended both in person and online.

Christa covered three sessions looking at the Unburied talents on Women in Ministry through unpacking 1 Timothy Chapter 2. Following on with the explorations of Ephesians 5 around mutual submission and women in the home. The final session in the afternoon was looking at how are we engaging LGBTIQA+ Christians and can we be communities sitting in tension for the sake of the other.

The day provided an opportunity to listen, and reflect, and enter into discussion through Christa’s insights and perspectives on each three topics.


So important and relevant. 

What a gift to the church. Incredible.

Such an incredible day. Exquisitely and pastorally presented with exceptionally well thought through research and content

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