10th August 2017

Sanctuary resident secures architecture internship

Sanctuary resident, Oluwa* recently undertook his dream internship with renowned architectural firm, CHT Architects.

Nigerian born Oluwa came to Australia seeking asylum in August 2016 with qualifications, experience and a passion for design, construction and art.

Through Baptcare, Oluwa secured a four-week internship with CHT Architects where he was introduced to the culture and atmosphere of a typical Australian workplace and exposed to a range of technologies and skillsets required to work as an architect in an Australian practice.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity that came my way through the help of Baptcare. I am very passionate about trying to enhance my career in architecture and Baptcare was there to open the door, provide me with an introduction and help me see my vision.”

Over four weeks Oluwa rotated between each of CHT’s teams to gain as much exposure as possible and to learn across a broad variety of projects and stages. He also received a good introduction to industry standards, codes and systems to help him adapt to the specific regulations of the Australian workforce.

“Through this experience, what I have learnt is enormous. I have gained confidence in regards to architectural practice and have been exposed to key programs used within the industry, such as Revit software. It has shown me than no what you face, if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything.”

Since completing the internship Oluwa is still living at Sanctuary where he is furthering his learnings of Revit and pursuing his other passion – painting. Evolved from his interest in architecture he is currently painting one of Melbourne’s iconic buildings Flinders Street Station which he hopes to exhibit.

“Since arriving in Australia, Baptcare have provided me with a landing cushion. They have made me feel at home. Through this opportunity, I have been able to become part of the Australian community and able to express myself in my own way, making my own impact. And for that I cannot thank them enough”.

We thank CHT Architects for providing this wonderful opportunity to one of our Sanctuary residents, adding to Oluwa’s fullness of life which is always Baptcare’s aim and we can’t wait to see what Oluwa does next.

* Name changed to respect the person’s privacy

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