26th June 2020

Team building with a Missional edge

Team building with a Missional edge for the EMERGE 2020 Cohort

One of the foci for the BUV is Empowering Leaders for Mission. As an expression of this commitment, EMERGE was launched in February 2020. EMERGE describes 2 experimental pathways for Developing Missional Emerging Leaders. One is an apprenticeship pathway and the other is called ‘Next Steps’, a series of evenings helping local churches to encourage their emerging leaders to take a next step in the development of their character or a leadership skill.  

The apprenticeship pathway is a one-year commitment and the 2020 cohort of 13 participants commenced with an overnight retreat in February. Monthly gatherings for input, encouragement, accountability and peer mentoring explore aspects of leading self, leading others, leading initiatives and leading and living missionally. Each participant needs to be actively serving in a leadership role in church or community and engage monthly with a coach.

As part of a team building exercise on the February retreat for the EMERGE 2020 cohort, teams of 4 or 5 were required to assemble a bike from a flat pack. The bikes had been donated by a family from Syndal Baptist. The EMERGE cohort did a great job in the assembly and then tested them out down a steep driveway! Participants and bikes all survived the test and the bikes were then thoroughly checked by a cycle shop.

Next the 3 bikes, 3 pumps, 3 locks and 3 helmets were donated to make a difference to 3 children at the Mount Waverley North Primary School who do not have their own bikes. Because of the COVID restrictions it was not possible to give them directly to the children, but they were gratefully received on their behalf by the Principal team.


The exercise was a fun way to build team, be on mission together and further build relationships and good will as bridges across which the good news of Jesus can travel.

For more information about EMERGE, plans for a 2021 Cohort and the ‘Next Steps’ pathway (whose commencement has been delayed because of COVID) please contact Bill Brown bill.brown@buv.com.au or 0407821784

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