20th March 2019

The Rich Fool – A Lent teaching from Dave Hack

This Lent, Common Grace and Bible Society Australia invite us to rediscover Jesus’s profound teachings veiled in everyday stories. As we come together, we’re praying for ears to hear these teachings of Jesus afresh, to let them get past our defences and under our skin, as they transform us to make things right in this world.

Our desire for more things will never be satisfied by more things.

In today’s video teaching, Dave Hack reflects on the Parable of the Rich Fool. The man at the centre of this story was not foolish about how to make money, but he was foolish enough to allow money to dictate his actions.

The parable of the Rich Fool is a clear statement on greed. Greed is more than just hoarding possessions. Jesus makes comment about the misguided value which greed attaches to wealth. In pursuing wealth, we are left empty. It is a hunger which cannot be sated and which ultimately leads us away from what gives our lives true value: connection, love and relationship with God. When greed is in the driver’s seat, we lose sight of the values of kingdom living and the freedom these bring. We lose sight of the way that we are loved in all our imperfections; instead we focus on what we do not have. We lose sight of the need of our neighbour who suffers in poverty because we are driven by consuming. Ultimately, greed delivers us into the greatest state of poverty: the meaning of our lives becomes wealth and possessions, not the abundant life Jesus has invited us into.

This series has been produced by Common Grace and Bible Society Australia.

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