27th July 2023

Two Sparrows Serving Coffee with Care

A coffee van organised by Kilsyth South Baptist Church is serving a free heartwarming brew and slices of pizza to locals in Boronia and the local community.

Named Two Sparrows, in reference to Matthew 10:29-31, the van makes its rounds every Wednesday from 6.30-9pm, aiming to put a smile on the faces of people around the area, from curious passers-by to those doing it tough and needing a little pick-me-up.

It was purchased and fitted out earlier this year using grants from the Baptcare and the Boronia branch of the Bendigo Bank.

Two Sparrows volunteer Keith Richardson, a deacon at KSBC, said some of the locals had become regulars and the van’s group of volunteers had been able to spend time talking, praying and sharing with them the gospel of John with its message of hope.

“A lot of the people we serve coffee to are homeless or just lonely. They’re able to come and sit around our fire and have a seat and have a talk.

“We are now seeing the same people coming along each week and staying. It’s amazing how many people ask us if we would pray for them, and we do.

“The Two Sparrows is going into the community and meeting people in need and showing that there are people who care. I’ve always believed Jesus said, ‘do my work’, and he didn’t only do it in a church building on a Sunday morning, he went to where people were, and that’s been the prompter for us.

“I think we’ve got to realise we have to move to a different type of church – it doesn’t replace a traditional church, but it complements it.”

Keith said KSBC would host an Alpha program in July and August, and the van’s volunteers had been able to invite people to attend the course.

Two Sparrows also regularly visits two local primary schools and has “become a big hit” offering free coffee to parents and staff before school, and helping people to build friendships as they enjoy a hot drink.

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