1st June 2020

Views from the Manse – A woman of noble character

A woman of noble character – Proverbs chapter. 31

Views from the Manse celebrates all women and men who have tirelessly and prayerfully supported their spouses in pastoral ministry through the years and, in the present. 

Proverbs 31 contains an acrostic and is a very unusual form of writing in scripture. It is based on the advice given to King Lemuel by his mother in Proverbs 31: 10 – 31.  Below is a modern paraphrase.  

Although this scripture speaks about women, as it was contextual to the day and age, all spouses, regardless of gender, should be included and celebrated for the role they play in partnering in ministry.

This relates to the first article published in the View From the Manse series.

A worthy woman, like wisdom is hard to find

          A woman who brings her husband good all the days of her life

          is beyond price and her husband will adore her.

Never skimping, she provides for her household well

          with scarlet wool and linen clothing.

Never one to slack,

          She rises early to bake fresh bread

          or pancakes for breakfast.

Passing up a good investment is not her style.

          She spots a good buy and pounces on it,

          then plants a vineyard and builds a winery

          to capitalise on her investment.

Her hands are strong.

          Her palms hold a spindle

          but she opens them to the poor

          and extends her hands to the wretched.

Everyone in her household is warm.

          All are dressed in beautiful clothes.

          All have warm Doonas on their beds.

Let her husband praise her

And her children bring her honour

No praise is too great for such a virtuous, God fearing woman.

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