29th August 2019

Views from the Manse: Baptismal Blue

Views from the Manse

A monthly series showcasing different expressions and experiences of the role of a Pastor’s spouse. Stories span from the archives to the present.  We invite you to contribute your story by emailing John Sampson at jcsampson406@gmail.com

Episode 3  – Baptismal Blue

The deacon responsible for filling the baptistry got talking to some of the visitors and by the time he turned off the tap the thing had been overfilled. This meant that water sloshed over the rim and on to the carpet during the ceremony. Some towels were used to mop up the mess and no one gave it any more thought.

The small church was packed, as not only was there a baptismal service but a special music program had been arranged, with extra chairs at the front to cater for the enlarged choir and a small orchestra. It was a very special day and the place was overflowing. By mid service it was stifling hot and the kids in the back row were starting to tune out.

During the readings the choirmaster decided that he needed to urgently confer with the minister sitting behind the pulpit on the other side of the church. So he slipped out of his chair and darted across the edge of the baptistry as inconspicuously as possible. But he never made it. The tiles were wet and slippery, he overbalanced and took a plunge instead.

When he surfaced, gasping and totally dishevelled, the music he had been carrying was fluttering down like a box of confetti emptied over a blushing bride.

It was in the days when men wore suits and ladies wore hats, so the kids could not possibly laugh out load. They were reduced to rolling waves of stifled giggles. It was the most fun they had ever had in church and still relished talking about it when I arrived 40 years later.


What is your experience of being a pastor’s spouse? If you would like to contribute to this series, please email jcsampson406@gmail.com

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