30th July 2020

Views From the Manse – Some Snippets

Lockdown leads to Isolation where we are forced to retreat into the worlds of memory and imagination. Here are some odds and ends that I have found when I started rummaging around. 

Keep well
keep smiling
and keep your distance

John S 


Some Snippets


1 What use is a pulpit?
To shake a packet of dry seeds
And ask
‘Are you still alive?’


2 What use is a pulpit?
To shake out a packet of dry seeds
And plant them
In good soil


3 Toward a Good life
To let go
of a slanderous heart
while shelling peas


4 A Lament
Wild dogs play,
Sheep die
Farmers fume.


5 A wonder of Nature
The Spring tide rises,
The corals spawn
And the fish have a food fight


6 Morning Bliss
As the sun rises
The waves crash onshore
and gulp down the cool offshore breeze


7 Music to my ears
The succusion of sea-shells
As waves ring the changes
On the carillon of the sand


8 Bliss
With an earful of cricket
And no interruptions


9 God’s Providence
A tiger stalks
A deer panics
Dinner is served


10 Creation
Ever changing
Ever new                                             


11 Amazing Grace (or Baptist Diversity)
Faith by the grace of God
Faith in the grace of God
different words,
different worlds.


12 Fog
Pushing through a cold damp dawn
Longing for the sun
and a bright blue day.  

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