21st March 2018

Vine Baptist Church New Hurstbridge Campus

As the Vine Baptist Church (formerly Eltham Baptist) have started a new campus in Hurstbridge the process of launching and developing the new community has created many opportunities to take steps of faith.

One of the clear ways in which this has taken place is the desire for everything that takes place to come from the Spirit of God and not from man. It would be very easy for the new Hurstbridge campus to organise a very smooth running Sunday service, to create prayer groups through out the week, to put together bands that practice thoroughly and craft well prepared sermons that engage those who come along on a Sunday. While none of this is wrong in and of itself, it can be wrong if done without the Spirit of God prompting and moving through it.

Samson is an example of someone who became used with the Spirit of God using him, so much so that he did not even realise when the Lord left him (Judges 16:20).

Therefore there has been a very intentional focus around seeking the Lord to work through every aspect of the Campus from the outset. This has meant that it has been more difficult to find people to be involved in various parts of the life of the Church and often there are less people than desired. But already there is the sense of the Spirit of God moving through what is happening and this gives great expectation for what is to come in the future.

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