12th November 2021

Whitley College’s Two New Appointments

Whitley College is proud to introduce two new appointments to their college, Rev Carolyn Francis and Dr Megan Turton. 

Rev Carolyn Francis

Collins St Baptist Church Pastor Rev Carolyn Francis has been appointed as the new Lecturer in Baptist Identity and History.

“So much of what I do at Collins St has been around teaching and preaching. This is a way of expanding and developing my lifelong commitment to the Baptist movement.”

As a seasoned preacher and public speaker, Rev Carolyn is excited to both share her knowledge and to take part in the free exchange of ideas with the students at Whitley.

Carolyn will start her new role in January 2022. To read more about Carolyn’s appointment click here.


Dr Megan Turton


Dr Megan Turton will take on the role of Lecturer in the Hebrew Bible and language.

“I want students to feel excited by the Biblical text, to feel empowered to read and interpret it, and understand how the interpretation relates to them,” she says.

Megan, who has nurtured a deep passion for the topic for more than a decade, is excited to bring this same excitement that she feels to the students at Whitley.

To read more of Megans journey and appointment click here.

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