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  • BUV Pastoral Accreditation

    What does BUV Accreditation require and what are the benefits?

    Accreditation as a BUV Pastoral Leader is highly encouraged but not compulsory for all eligible pastoral leaders. For those who choose BUV Accreditation there are both benefits and accountabilities. There are 2 categories of BUV Accreditation of Pastoral Leaders:

    BUV Ordained Pastoral Leader Accreditation can operate as Baptist Ministers of Religion within Victoria and across Australia. They are automatically Delegates to our BUV Assembly.

    BUV Non-Ordained Pastoral Leader Accreditation are recognised as being locally appointed Pastoral Leaders in good standing with our BUV.

    All BUV Accredited Pastoral Leaders are conditionally eligible to hold a BUV Marriage Licence. Accredited BUV Pastoral Leaders can also access specialist BUV Pastoral Leader services including entry to BUV Long Service Leave Saving Scheme and access to the Advisory Board process for pastoral appointments. When appropriate, some funding support for counselling and the pastoral recovery process may be available.

    All BUV Accredited Pastoral Leaders will receive an Accreditation Card to authenticate their recognised BUV Pastoral Leader status. BUV Pastoral Leadership Accreditation must be renewed every 3 years.

    Pastors of Churches with Languages Other Than English (LOTE): If you are a pastor of a ‘Language Other Than English’ (LOTE) church and need assistance in completing the BUV Accreditation Checklist or the Pastoral Health & Growth Covenant, please contact either of our BUV Multicultural Consultants: Rev Meewon Yang on or Rev Dr Marc Chan on

    For more information on the Accreditation Process and how to apply Click Here.

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